Bare Necessities Journal Entry 1: Reevaluating

What do I really need?

What do I really want to do with my life?



I’ve been thinking about achieving financial independence for a long time. Well, at least for about 3 or 4 years.

That’s hard to do when I’ve built up a situation for myself where I almost have more bills than income. Yikes!

Recently I’ve been reading about Anna’s journey on her blog And Then We Saved, where she talks about how she spent money only on the necessities for a year in order to conquer her debt.

That is what I want!

So May  1st, 2013 I will start my own spending challenge: I’m calling it Bare Necessities and I will be journaling about it here, with the rest of my musings about 20-something life and it’s ups and downs.

I’m a little scared to do this challenge and I’m a little scared to be writing about the experience here on the world wide web. But accountability is good. Even if it is just me seeing what I’ve written here posted on the blog. It’s like confirmation that I am going to do this.

Starting May 1st, 2013 and for the next year (at least) I will:

Use my car less

– ride my bicycle and bus to and from places as much as humanly possible 🙂

Stop buying clothes, accessories, shoes…

-I can only buy clothing if I decide I ABSOLUTELY NEED IT!!!

Stop eating out

-I will plan meals and give myself a small allowance of $20 a month for treats and entertainment

Cancel Netflix

-I will rent movies from the Library

Cutting down my spending will help me pay off my credit card, my car, and student loans. It will also help me to save money that can go to helping me work for myself some day (hopefully soon).

So far that’s my plan. I will be updating the blog regularly and expect to see more drawings with these posts. I was inspired by BikeyFace and hope to have a fun illustrated blog like hers some day 🙂