Story Saturday: Home Again

This is part of a work in progress I’m writing, but this particular scene was inspired by the prompt on Friday Flash Dot Org in honor of their 4th anniversary. The prompt was to write a story of four-hundred words or less that deals with a fourth year anniversary. Here it is:
As Ainsley lay in the tall soft grasses behind the old leaning barn she stared up at the slow moving, fluffy clouds. Clouds always reminded her of the passing of time. Time was strange, like the wind. You couldn’t see it, but, you could always feel it.
When she thought about it, a lot had happened in 4 years. She’d grown up a lot, that was one thing. She’d gone skiing for the first time, during her freshman year at the University of Colorado Denver. Diana and a group of friends convinced Ainsley to go with them to study abroad in Spain. That was an experience she’d never forget. Somehow, though, after all of her adventures she longed to be here, in Lennox, with her mom and dad.
Her mother, Rose, had been watching Ainsley from the kitchen window. How nice it was to have her home. She was so relieved that even after being away from home for 4 years Ainsley was almost unchanged. Maybe except for the fact that she was older now and she was even more beautiful than before. Her reddish brown curls were chopped short, but they framed the delicate features of her heart-shaped face. Ainsley had only gotten better with the passing of time. Rose walked out and lay down in the grass beside her. The spring air was cool and breezy. The scent of budding flowers and trees drifted in the air.
“It’s been 4 years since I left for Denver.” Ainsley said. A cloud the shape of a heart passed overhead.
“It’s so good to have you home again, sweetie.” her mother said.
“I think it was good for me to go to CU. I mean everything worked out. I was able to go with Diana…”
“Yes, I wouldn’t have wanted you to go so far away alone. I would’ve been worried sick.”
Ainsley smiled sweetly at her mother. Her mother had changed in 4 years. Had she been gray before Ainsley left, or had she gone gray with worry?
“I am so glad that it’s all over now.” Ainsley said. “Now I just have to find a job in town so I won’t be a burden on you guys.”
Her mother sat up. “You were never a burden on us, Ainsley. It’s a joy to have you here.”
Ainsley saw creases in her mother’s forehead that looked deeper and more worried than before.
“Thank you, mom. But I’m 22 now, I should be at least working a good job.”
“Give yourself time, sweetie. You’ve only been home a week.” Her mother stood up. “Speaking of that, we should celebrate by eating some of the rhubarb pie I just made!”
Ainsley jumped up from the ground. “It’s good to be home!”