What is A Decade of Wanderers?

A Decade of Wanderers is currently under construction.


Image from Jandan.net

Trust me. I’m working on it, and not sleeping on the job.

Here’s my vision for this site:

Illustrations (by moi)

Journal Entries about my day to day life

People watching

Saving Money aka my Spending Challenge

And whatever else pops into my mind.

I call this blog A Decade of Wanderers because it sounds cool. No really, I decided to call it that because now that I’m in my 20s more than ever I feel lost. I feel like I’m supposed to know where I’m going, and my right from my left, but I don’t. I’m a wanderer and expect to be wandering for a while. Well at least a decade. So there you have the reason for the name.

Check back often to see illustrations pop up. I live pretty simply and don’t have internet at home, so bear with me. Ok?

Thanks for checking out my blog.

Hope to see you here often.